What You Can Do

Tax-deductible donations or bequests of property in West Marin can be used as affordable housing projects themselves or exchanged for larger, more suitable properties.  If you have such a property or know of one, let us help you identify a local affordable housing land trust that can assist you in turning it into much-needed housing. 

Creating a second unit on your property is an excellent method of providing more affordable housing units. There are several programs that provide low-to-no interest loans for such work and several local affordable housing land trusts that provide assistance in the creation and management of these units.  We are happy to provide you with more information on these programs.

Off-season rentals. Vacation or short-term rental properties can give local residents who have lost their rental home some needed breathing room while they look for another one. If you have a vacation rental and would consider longer-term off-season rentals, allow us to help you implement that.

If you own or know of a property that might be appropriate for conversion to affordable housing, please let us know. This could look like a below-market rate sale or a tax-deductible donation. 



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